January 7, 2015 Riana

Good Food Business Fellow – Family Farmed & Whole Foods Market

RIANA LYNRiana profileN

Food Business Services
Chicago, Illinois (3 miles from downtown Chicago)Farmers, wholesalers, and buyers need to readily connect with each other to make the deal that will grow the local and sustainable food market in the Chicago region. Riana offers FoodTrace as a high-tech solution to facilitating business relationships across the supply chain with innovative ways to share more traceable information with consumers.Riana describes FoodTrace, which she founded in January 2014, as “a platform that uses small business user profiles and big data to link food distributors, local farms and specialty food manufacturers with wholesale food buyers, such as restaurants, hotels, schools and hospitals.”One of FoodTrace’s goals, according to Riana, is “satisfying the growing business demand for more locally, bottom-line friendly and sustainably produced food choices.”While the central focus of the company is creating software and data solutions to food system supply chain issues, its activities are not limited to tech alone. She says FoodTrace uses its data lists “to plan engaging community food events that partner our best chefs and small-to-medium urban and rural farmers that will bring a new level of intimacy.” She adds, “We want to consistently bring this experience to our communities and consumers to promote a new understanding and appreciation of the origin and makeup of their food.”

source: http://www.goodfoodaccelerator.org/fellows/riana-lynn/