January 24, 2019 Riana

Excited to bring you Journey Foods and JourneyAI

When I first started entrepreneurship I just wanted to make a little extra money from solving a problem I faced moving to follow my dreams in the South side of Chicago researching with geneticists. I grew up on food stamps, but my grandmother had a garden and I was able to get scholarships to a private school that fed us great breakfast and lunch. As I began the journey to bring more fresh juices and learn how to run a brick and mortar company while building up an eCommerce platform.

The company was growing fast, and I had a lot of ambitions to explore farms and ingredients from other continents. As we scaled, I struggled with dealing consumer expectations of safety and procurement transparency and started working on “The Common Experience” QR codes, which I soon rebranded to FoodTrace.

Building FoodTrace brought even more exciting trials, opportunities and also many failures.

At the end of the day, I realized that the most impact I could make would be to create products and a journey for myself that brings me the most joy, comfort and actualizes impact.

With Journey Foods and JourneyAI I and some amazing team members can now set out to tackle the $600 billion nutrient access problem. We combine biotech and data science to drive better nutrition on-the-go.

Simply put, we are scanning thousands of land and sea plants to profile nutrition and locking them in with natural ingredients for less toxic delivery of small convenience nutrition for millions of people.

We are creating an entirely new category of food called Micro Foods. These new, shelf-stable products are highly nutrient-dense, resulting in food that is healthier, while also providing vitamins, energy boosters, aide in preventing certain diseases, and improve cognitive function. However, unlike many products today, Journey’s Micro Foods are made without any additional sugars and toxic processing ingredients.

We bring nutritional accessibility to the broader market by creating smarter, more agile solutions / R&D pathways. These food formulations are developed and predicted by our Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) platform, JourneyAI. They are then optimized to ensure shelf-stability and affordability through our biotech pathways for commercialization.

Our algorithms can predict which recipes will best fit nutritional, pricing and organoleptic requirements prior to production, allowing us to reduce both recipe testing and R&D resources. Our scientists are iterating on-the-go nutrients and prototyping faster; the new R&D.