April 9, 2020 Riana

Food Tank Podcast: Riana Lynn – Partner Across the World, Across Genders for Food Change

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On “Food Talk with Dani Nierenberg,” Riana Lynn, founder of Journey Foods and the former Foodtrace Inc., talks about how technology, data, and automation can connect key players in the food system. “There are so many barriers and inefficiencies in our system today that boost up cost and reduce our accessibility to all these great ingredients from around the world,” says Lynn. “For me, its about not only creating data, but also creating partnerships that help us solve for a lot of these inefficiencies.”

I also discuss the environment for women in tech: “As part of the founding team of Women Tech Founders, a collaborative organization that empowers women in technology by connecting them to advisors, investment opportunities, and support networks, Lynn believes women-led companies are key to solving their community’s problems. “We women have very good ideas and we can run very efficient, fast-growing companies,” says Lynn. Yet in Chicago, women founded 30 percent of companies but receive less than five percent of venture capital to grow and support their companies. “Supporting one another is so valuable to make sure we’re making change within our communities and for the future of creativity.”

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Riana Lynn: Partner Across the World, Across Genders for Food Change