September 8, 2019 Riana

Forecasting future food trends in Food Business News

Thank you to the Hartman group for the opportunity to lead a panel for global food decision-makers on Food Trends and Culture Forecast.

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“CHICAGO — Scientific advancements are allowing for innovations throughout the food and beverage supply chain. It is no longer simply a farm-to-table story. It may start with the seed or in a petri dish. Success lies in understanding what consumers will accept and embrace, according to The Hartman Group, Bellevue, Wash., which held the Food Culture Forecast 2019 summit in Chicago on Sept. 12. Navigating the new playing field is not easy, especially with consumers’ evolving opinions…

During a panel discussion with several entrepreneurs who embrace food science, Riana Lynn, founder and chief executive officer of Journey Foods, Chicago, emphasized the necessity of infusing more science into the future to feed the world’s growing population.

Ms. Lynn, a biologist, believes the future of nutrition is micro foods. She started Journey Foods, an artificial intelligence-powered platform that helps support smarter research and development and efficient, data-driven production…”

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