May 25, 2018 Riana

Fresh Perspectives on Wasted Food in Milan

Apeel Sciences Riana Lynn FoodTank

Young leaders gathered at Apeel and Food Tank’s Aperitivo to confront food loss and food waste.

Apeel Sciences and Food Tank invited speakers of The Global Food Innovation Summit to gather at Ratana, an acclaimed restaurant in Milan, for food, drinks, and perspectives on reducing food waste. Danielle Nierenberg and James Rogers, CEO of Apeel Sciences, co-hosted the discussion featuring Alice Delcourt, Chef at Erba Brusca; Nicolas Jammet, co-founder of Sweetgreen; Riana Lynn, CEO of Food Trace; and Haile Thomas, CEO of The HAPPY Org. As the young leaders explored new solutions to the food system’s most urgent issues, over 100 guests enjoyed a sustainable menu.

Head Chef Cesare Battisti curated a special menu celebrating ingredients otherwise destined for the landfill. Battisti honored overripe, stale, and typically less noble items with elevated dishes. Attendees enjoyed asparagus risotto recovered asparagus ends, while mondeghili Milanese featured meat Battisti previously used to make broth.

Apeel Sciences, recently named one of CNBC’s Top 50 Disruptors, supports creativity and fresh perspectives on sustainability as part of their mission to eliminate food spoilage. The company’s organic food coating blends typically wasted plant materials such as leaves and peels into a protective spray. “The result is a doubling of the marketable and edible lifespan of fruits and vegetables,” says James Rogers. “And we’re just getting started.”

Photograph courtesy of Apeel Sciences.