December 4, 2018 Riana

Top 2018 Food Trends: A look back

The Most Interesting Food Tech Trends of 2018

Leading food companies are facing pressure on all sides. Consumer preferences are shifting. Startups like Beyond Meat, JUST Eggs and Farmer’s Fridge are stealing market share. Meanwhile, food brands’ clients are becoming competitors as grocery chains invest more into their own private labels and as Amazon rolls out its own food products.

Some of these threats are immediate; some may be devastating 5–10 years out.

Many major food companies have begun to invest in e-commerce, healthier product options, new corporate venture funds, and other tools, but is it enough?

I noticed the top trends that emerged in the past year, including:

  • Meat producers investing in alternative proteins
  • Biology to the forefront
  • Food brands adopting blockchain
  • Growth in AI applications for food
  • The rise in private labels
  • New direct-to-consumer distribution strategies
  • A boom in corporate venture capital investment into food and beverage startups

I will close out a full review on the last week of the year!

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