May 11, 2015 Riana

10 Women Tech Founders Share: “WTF Startup Lessons.”

This Thursday, the high-energy crowd of Women Tech Founders (WTF) is back at 1871! After our first event drew more than 200 people to be inspired by 15 fantastic female entrepreneurs, we’re holding our second WTF event this Thursday at 5:30 – and it will fill up quickly so get your spot!

We’ve got 10 new WTF to share their very earliest lessons and challenges, like the actual baby steps they took to get started. How they spend their first $1,000. How they got their first customer. The biggest mistake they made. Awesome founders include:

Claire Lew (CEO of Know Your Company and recently named a Crain’s 20 under 20)
Sandee Kastrul (the highly respected founder of i.c. stars)
Nicole Staple and Sonali Lamba (Brideside cofounders)
Lindsay Austin (TapePlay)
Heidi Brown (Options Away)
Corielle Heath (LiftUpLift)

There will also be time for networking and lots of asking questions.

Register here:

Hope you see you there!

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