Long Biography

Planting vegetables with her grandmother led Riana Lynn to the White House South Lawn – and to the forefront of food+health technology. After graduating with a B.S. in Biology and a minor in Chemistry from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, (where she taught herself how to code and was also a top-ranked performer in discus and javelin) Riana went on to pursue a Masters at Northwestern University. While getting her hands dirty in the White House Kitchen Garden, her work included major policy initiatives such as Small Business and Jobs, STEM, and Public Health.

She has spent valuable time exploring different distribution methods while discovering exciting produce and inspiring flavors from across the globe. She developed innovative supply chain management tools while working along the agricultural pipeline – from local farmers to large agricultural leaders in California, West Africa, Mexico, and Brazil. On a local level, schools and gardens are examples of the dozens of partnerships she has fostered to promote healthy lifestyles in communities while maintaining a business committed to vitality. Her passion for the value of fresh food, farms, entrepreneurship, and technology ultimately inspired her to develop innovative supply chain management tools and create FoodTrace, a next level technology platform designed to help businesses with growth and supply chain mapping management.

A native of the Chicago area, her story and accomplishments have been featured in Inc.com, Wired Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, TheGrio 100, Crain’s Chicago “20 in their 20’s” and other local and national publications. Riana is a techie, restaurant enthusiast, world traveler, and innovative fruit connoisseur, and is currently serving as the Google – Code 2040 Entrepreneur in Residence.

While spending summers planting vegetables with her grandmother and hunting with her grandfather she learned the value of fresh food, family sustainability, farms, and longevity, Riana has always sought to discover new ways to promote healthier food choices and access. Early on, her single mother instilled in her the passion dream beyond her immediate observations. She has since been on a mission to build revenue streams and improve health outcomes. She considers entrepreneurship and public-private partnerships our vehicles for change across the world.

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Random Snapshot: Adventure-seeker. business developer. farm-supporter. technology lover. travel connoisseur. number-obsesser. fruit explorer. website maker. street food lover. community engager. UX/UI researcher. social entrepreneurship missionite. a believer that public health is the issue of our time…and educational gaps…and the lack of minorities and women in STEM. u.s. patriot. LGBT activist. hungry for knowledge. spanish, Portuguese, French, creole understanding. politico. entrepreneur.