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About Riana.

Riana Lynn is a leader in food technology and innovation and a STEM mentor. Her work has been featured in Forbes, USA Today, Essence, Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc and more.

Food Innovator

As an entrepreneur and business development expert, Riana’s products have impacted millions of consumers across the US & Beyond.


Starting in her dorm room, Riana studied Biology but spent her time perfecting tools in eCommerce and the value of digital strategy.

Mentor & Activist

Riana is on a mission to improve access to STEM Education, Healthy Foods, and Entrepreneurship to drive change in communities across the world.

About Brooklyn
I am an entrepreneur on a mission. I believe in change, and I believe we all are here to make some sort of difference…I’ve always sought to discover new ways to develop food tech solutions that increase access, ensure better health, and spur innovation for community growth.
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